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Operations Ministries

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Our Operations ministries focus on budgeting, fund-raising events and communications. Fund-raising is done within the context of social events which also foster stronger community ties. Communications is accomplished through a website which provides needed information to community members and is also used to communicate to those outside our community.

Art On The Hill
Every two years (on the even years), this ministry hosts an art show/sale and social event for Community members, their families, and friends. Artwork created mostly by members of the Community is displayed and is for sale. Guests receive raffle tickets with their admission that they can then use to take chances on a work that each artist is required to donate. The Community is the recipient of door admissions and a percentage of the sales. While the event produces funds for the Community, it is billed primarily as a social event.
Ministry Administrator(s):
Don Kuhn

A much-requested social event, a brunch is served after liturgy to offer food, beverages, and fellowship! Eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, fruit, bagels, coffee, and juice are just some of the delicious items to be found on the buffet table at this affair. Initiated in January 2019, this hopes to be an annual (or perhaps semi-annual) successful event.
Ministry Administrator(s):
Ellie Redington & Peggy Oblack

Chili Dinner & Cookoff
This informal yearly family event is usually held in February, a perfect time to warm up the insides. Any Community member can enter a chili in the cookoff contest (popular vote), and many come just to eat and enjoy the live music -- and vote on their favorite chili recipe. Each year we usually get 15-20 entries ranging from mild to five-alarm, so there is a lot of great food and great fun for young and the not-so-young. Even if you don't like chili, we have hot dogs, salads and snacks galore. No one goes hungry!
Ministry Administrator(s):
Gordy Glose

The list of 1st-place winners since this event was re-established in 1996:
  • 1996 - Catherine Quinn
  • 1997 - Ryan Donovan
  • 1998 - Ryan Donovan, Dick Schwarz
  • 1999 - Catherine Quinn
  • 2000 - Jeanne Myers
  • 2001 - Richard Fiocco
  • 2002 - Catherine Quinn
  • 2003 - Scott Hampton, Mary Hart
  • 2004 - John Burton
  • 2005 - Edna Speeney
  • 2006 - Paula Jones
  • 2007 - Joanne Collins
  • 2008 - Julie O'Connell
  • 2009 - Dan Badgley
  • 2010 - Dan Badgley (back-to-back wins!)
  • 2011 - Mary Beth Soltis
  • 2012 - Jeanne Smith
  • 2013 - Ellen Quinn
  • 2014 - Mary Beth Soltis
  • 2015 - "Mother Nature" (event canceled due to weather)
  • 2016 - Edna Speeney
  • 2017 - Don Hart
  • 2018 - Jaya George
  • 2019 - Liz Gates
  • 2020 - Diane Gallo
  • 2021 - Maybe You !!
Christmas Sharing
The Community has a history of social outreach. One of the ways we have tried to address the needs of our neighbors is through our relationship with Sr. Mary Walter of St. Columba parish in Newark. The St. Columba neighborhood has seen a dramatic increase in homelessness. Due to this, our recent efforts have taken the form of gift cards and monetary donations. Sr. Mary Walter distributes these funds to the poor and homeless in her neighborhood. We collect the gift cards and funds in early December, so that they are available to Sr. Mary Walter at Christmas.
Ministry Administrator(s):
Jody Pfeiffer & Lori Vigliotti

Another way to share during the beautiful Christmas season is through our Reverse Advent Calendar: Initiated in 2016, we use a Reverse Advent Calendar for the month of December to gather items for the families at the Interfaith Pantry and Family Promise, both in the Morristown area. Participants use a medium-size box or laundry basket and place suggested items in the box/basket each day. The week after Christmas these donations are delivered to the needy families listed above.
Ministry Administrator(s): Lori Vigliotti

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee exercises a "stewardship role" regarding the Community's financial affairs. Specifically, the committee serves the other ministries, programs and activities by providing guidance and support to their projects. Quarterly and annual reports are published and reviewed with the Community. Meetings are held as required.
Ministry Administrator(s):
Rod Donovan

Service Auction
The Annual Service Auction is a Community fundraiser, held (usually) the second Saturday of March, that provides scholarship money for education. Its mission is to assist in providing the opportunity of a Catholic high-school education for inner-city grade-school students. Currently, our two beneficiary schools are Immaculate Conception High School, Montclair, NJ, and Christ The King Prep, Newark, NJ. This auction is also one of the major Community social events of the year, complete with a different theme each year--with music, decorations, and Community members in theme-related costume adding to the wonderful energy and spirit of the event. Community members get to know one another better through the selling and buying of services from one another (examples: Hosting a dinner party, baby-sitting, or leading a day hike in a state park).

Members of the volunteer Service Auction Committee choose a theme, publicize the auction, solicit services to be donated, publish a services booklet, advertise within the Community, provide decorations, and prepare and serve food at the auction. The Committee's first meeting is held in January each year.
Ministry Administrator(s):
Gordy Glose

The mission of the Technology/Communications Ministry is to use technology to improve communication within the Emmaus Christian Community and expose our community to a larger outside audience. This is accomplished through implementation of a website which provides community members with access to useful information and allows those outside the community to learn about our mission and who we are. The capability to allow those outside the community to make donations is also provided. A Facebook page allows for timely information to be shared and is another means of communicating current activities to individuals within and outside our community.
Ministry Administrator(s):
Chuck Koman

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