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Prayer Requests

Administrators: Linda Bianco, Arlene Lowe, Ellie Redington

Community members and their families request your thoughts and prayers for the following Community-related intentions. Community members only may request posting of intentions by contacting the Prayer Intention Administrator to have an intention posted on this page and in the Community Weekly Bulletin. Intentions will be posted for a period of 3 weeks, unless a request for renewal is received by the administrator prior to the end of each 3-week period. Please Note: Community-wide email broadcast message requests must be requested separately.

Last Updated Aug 18, 2020

Please keep Jim Redington in your prayers as he undergoes aortic valve replacement surgery August 20th.

Please keep Rachel Buntin's family in your prayers as they mourn her loss. (August 10)

Mary Kate and Al Pach's Grandbaby: Please keep Kevin and Hisa’s baby in your prayers as Hisa is nearing her term for delivery. The baby has been diagnosed with a rare vascular abnormality in the brain. It is serious but correctable; prayers are needed!

Please keep Richard Lorenzo in your prayers as he undergoes spinal surgery on Tuesdar July 14.

Please pray for Marcia Kelly who suffered a stroke. She and Jim are with family in Michigan.

Please pray for Al Pastino as we mourn the loss of Mim Pastino.

For the Community members with chronic illnesses or in hospice care and their caretakers.

We continue to hold in prayer all the Avirappattu family as they handle Jacob's severe disabilities with such great love.

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